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Restuarant Martin

Santa Fe’s
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Santa Fe abounds with world-class restaurants. So much so that knowing which ones consistently serve a worthy dish can almost be a full time job. To that end, we felt it would be good to take a tour of the tried and true eateries as well as some of the new ones that are garnering immediate celebration so we may share our very own recommendations with a more personal, intimate perspective. Read our blog on this month’s featured restaurant:Restaurant Martin.
We have compiled the Inn of the Governors’ guests’ favorite culinary arts destinations for you. Please call 800-234-4534 and our Guest Services staff will be happy to make reservations for you. Happy dining!
Jambo African Homestyle CuisineJust a short drive

Site Phone Address
Jambo Café website 505-473-1269 2010 Cerrillos Road
American CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Cowgirl BBQ website 505-982-2565 319 S Guadalupe St
Del Charro website 505-954-0320 101 W Alameda
Just a short drive
Tune up Café website 505-983-7060 Hickox Street
Ranch Burger with Green Chile and Cheese 2013
Izanami-Burdock-root,-sesame-and-soy Asian CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Izanami website 505-428-6390 Artist Road
Izmi Sushi website 505-424-1311 105 E Marcy Street
Shohko website 505-982-9708 321 Johnson Street
Just a short drive
Mu Du Noodles website 505-983-1411 1494 Cerrillos Road
Contemporary CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Dinner for Two website 505-820-2075 106 N Guadalupe
Galisteo Bistro website 505-982-3700 227 Galisteo Street
Joseph’s of Santa Fe website 505-982-1272 428 Agua Fria
Palace Restaurant website 505-428-0690 142 W Palace
Restaurant Martin website 505-820-0919 526 Galisteo Street
Tanti Luce website 505-988-2355 221 Shelby Street
Just a short drive
Arroyo Vino website 505-983-2100 218 Camino La Tierra
Geronimos website 505-982-1500 724 Canyon Road
L'Olivier French CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
315 Restaurant website 505-986-9190 315 Old Santa Fe Trail
Bouche website 505-982-6297 451 W Alameda
L’Olivier website 505-989-1919 229 Galisteo Street
Indian CuisineJust a short drive

Site Phone Address
Raaga website 505-820-6440 544 Agua Fria
India House website 505-471-2651 2501 Cerrillos Drive
Raaga cauliflower tapa
Il-Piatto-Food03 Italian CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Il Piatto website 505-984-1091 95 W Marcy
Andiamo website 505-995-9595 322 Garfield Street
Mexican CuisineAbout 3 blocks

Site Phone Address
Jalapenos website 505-983-8431 422 Old Santa Fe Trail
Mucho Gusto website 505-955-8402 839 Paseo de Peralta
Jalapenos blue corn chicken enchiladas
Atrisco Cafe New Mexican CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Casa Chimayo website 505-428-0391 409 West Water Street
The Shed website 505-982-9030 113 ½ E Palace
Just a short drive
Atrisco Café website 505-983-7401 193 Paseo de Peralta
La Choza website 505-982-0909 905 Alarid Street
Maria’s website 505-983-7929 555 West Cordova
PizzaJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Il Vicino website 505-986-8700 321 W San Francisco
Pizza Centro website 505-988-8825 418 Cerrillos Road
Rooftop Pizzeria website 505-984-0008 60 E San Francisco
Just a short drive
Pizza Etc. website 505-986-1500 556 N Guadalupe
Pasqual's-Tofu-Mole-Enchiladas Southwestern CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Café Pasqual’s website 505-983-9340 121 Don Gaspar
Coyote Café website 505-983-1615 132 W Water
La Casa Sena website 505-988-9232 125 E Palace
Santa Café website 505-984-1788 231 Washington
Just a short drive
Compound website 505-982-4353 653 Canyon Rd
Museum Hill Café website 505-984-8900 710 Camino Lejo
Spanish CuisineJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
El Meson website 505-983-6756 213 Washington
La Boca website 505-982-3433 72 W Marcy
Taberna website 505-988-7102 125 Lincoln #117
La Boca
steak SteakJust a short walk

Site Phone Address
Bull Ring website 505-983-3328 150 Washington
Rio Chama website 505-955-0765 404 Old Santa Fe Trail
Just a short drive
Omira Bar & Grill website 505-780-5483 1005 S St Francis Dr
Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free OptionsJust a short drive

Site Phone Address
Body of Santa Fe Café website 505-986-0362 333 W Cordova
Revolution Bakery website 505-988-2100 1291 San Felipe
The TeaHouse website 505-992-0972 821 Canyon Road
Vinaigrette website 505-820-9205 790 Don Cubero Alley