Del Charro Saloon

Del Charro has gained a reputation for its stimulating libations and light bar food. 2015 has been a great year for us.  We couldn’t be prouder than to be named the most popular bar in New Mexico by Buzzfeed and in the 2015’s Best of Santa Fe, readers of the Santa Fe Reporter  voted Del Charro 1st Place in the Best Cocktails, Best Happy Hour and Best Local Bar category. Del Charro also received 2nd Place for Best Cheap Eats and Best Hotel Bar, as well as 3rd Place for Best Margaritas and Best Chile Cheese Fries. So saddle up and bend an elbow at Del Charro!

We love keeping up with our hombres. If you can’t stop by, gather up at Facebook – we’d love to have you. If you think you’re tough enough to be Mayor of our fine establishment, jump on Foursquare with your fancy phone and check in. There might be a surprise or two waitin’.