New Mexico is home to twenty-two sovereign Indian nations. Included are the Jicarilla Apache Tribe, the Mescalero Apache Tribe, the Navajo Nation, and nineteen unique Pueblos. Most Pueblos are within one hour of Albuquerque or Santa Fe. As each tribe is governed by their own laws, each has a specific visitor policy.

Visitors are generally welcome on Native American lands for recreation and celebration. However, when visiting a tribal community, it is important to follow proper etiquette. As pueblos will close for ceremonies and holidays, it is always a good idea to contact the tribal office or visitor centers prior to visiting. Many pueblos have specific rules about photography, sketching, and recording. Obey posted signs and do not enter private homes or areas designated as off-limit without invitation. Limit questions about religion and culture as some information is not for public knowledge. Maintain distance when observing religious dances or ceremonies. Refrain from bringing pets, alcohol, and firearms into tribal communities.

For more information about pueblos and events, please visit www.santaana.org/calendar.htm

NM Tourism Department 800-545-2070 website
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 505-843-7270 website
The Jicarilla Apache Nation 505-759-3242 website
The Mescalero Apache Nation 505-464-4494
The Navajo Nation 928-871-6436
The Alamo Navajo Chapter 505-285-3910
To’Hajilee Navajo Chapter 505-836-4221
The Ramah Navajo Chapter 505-775-7100


Eight Northern NM Pueblos:

  • Tesuque Pueblo, Off of US 285/84, North of Santa Fe, 505-983-2667
    Native Name “Te-Tsu-Geh” (Translation “Cottonwood Tree Place”)
    Language Tiwa (Tanoan)
  • Pojoaque Pueblo, Along US 285/84, 505-455-2278
    Native Name “P’o Suwae Geh” (Translation “Drinking Water Place”)
    Language Tewa (Tanoan)
  • Nambe Pueblo, State Rd. 503, 505-455-2036
    Native Name “Nambe” (Translation “Mound of Herat in the Corner”)
    Language Tewa (Tanoan)
  • Santa Clara Pueblo, State Rd. 30 West of Española, 505-753-7326
    Native Name “Kha P’o” (Translation “Valley of the Rose Water”)
    Language Tewa (Tanoan)
  • San Juan Pueblo, State Rd. 74 North of Española, 505-852-4400
    Native Name “Ohkay Owingeh” (Translation “Strong People”)
    Language Tewa (Tanoan)
  • Picuris Pueblo, State Rd. 75 High Road to Taos Scenic Byway, 505-587-2519
    Native Name “Pikuri” (Translation “Mountain Warrior People”)
    Language Tiwa (Tanoan)
  • Taos Pueblo, Off State Rd. 68 North of Taos, 505-758-1028, www.taospueblo.com
    Native Name “Tua-Tah” (Translation “Our Village”)
    Language Tiwa (Tanoan)
  • San Ildefonso Pueblo, Off State Rd. 502, 505-455-3549
    Native Name “Po-Woh-Ge-Oweenge” (Translation “Where the Water Cuts Down Through”)
    Language Tewa (Tanoan)


South of Santa Fe (before Albuquerque):

  • Cochiti Pueblo, I-25 Exit 264 or 259 State Rd. 16, 505-465-2244
    Native Name “Kotyete” (Translation “Stone Kiva”)
    Language Keresan
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo, I-25 Exit 259 State Rd. 22, 505-465-2214
    Native Name “Tyiwa” (Meaning Unknown)
    Language Keresan
  • San Felipe Pueblo, I-25 Exit 252, 505-867-3381
    Native Name “Katishtya” (Translation “Sticky Earth Place”)
    Language Keresan
  • Santa Ana Pueblo, I-25 Exit 242, 505-867-3301, www.santaana.org
    Native Name “Tamaya” (Translation “Dancing Place”)
    Language Keresan
  • Sandia Pueblo, I-25 Exit 234 State Rd. 313, 505-867-3317, www.sandiapueblo.nsn.us
    Native Name “Nafiat” (Translation “Dusty Place”)
    Language Tiwa (Tanoan)


Farther from Santa Fe (West and Southwest):

  • Jemez Pueblo, State Rd. 4 on the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway, 505-834-7235, www.jemezpueblo.org
    Native Name “Hay Mish” (Translation “The Pueblo in the Canada”)
    Language Towa (Tanoan)
  • Zia Pueblo, US 550 South of Jemez Pueblo on the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway, 505-867-3304
    Native Name “Tsia” (Translation “Scattered Hills Place”)
    Language Keresan
  • Isleta Pueblo, I-25 Exit 215 State Rd. 47 South of Albuquerque NM, 505-869-3111
    Native Name “Siahwibak” (Translation “Kick Flint Place”)
    Language Tiwa (Tanoan)
  • Laguna Pueblo, I-40 Exit 114 East of Grants NM, 505-552-6654
    Native Name “Pokwindiwe Onwi” (Translation “Pueblo by the Lake”)
    Language Keresan
  • Acoma Pueblo, From I-40 Exit 102 East of Grants NM, 505-552-6604, www.puebloofacoma.org
    Native Name “Ak’o Ma” (Translation “People by the White Rock)
    Language Keresan
  • Zuni Pueblo, 40 Minutes South of Gallup NM, State Rd. 53, 505-782-7238, www.experiencezuni.com
    Native Name “Siwin’a” (Translation “Rock Slide Pueblo”)
    Language Zuni (Zunian)