Santa Fe Plaza

The historic Santa Fe Plaza, just two blocks from Inn of the Governors, serves as the heart of Santa Fe and often sets the rhythm of the town’s pulse. The Plaza has been the social and economic center of the city established in the winter of 1609-10; traders and travelers knew it as the terminus of the Santa Fe Trail.

On the north side of the Plaza stands the Palace of the Governors. It was built in 1610 and has witnessed first-hand much of New Mexico’s colorful history. As the oldest public building in the United States, the Palace is the history museum of the State of New Mexico. Today, along the south side of the Palace of the Governors, Native American artists and craftspeople sell their handmade goods to tourists and local Santa Feans almost every day of the year, rain or shine. The 900+ vendors represent forty-one tribes, pueblos, chapters and villages in New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, and parts of Arizona.

The other three sides feature a wide variety of Santa Fe style shops, galleries and restaurants. Historically the Plaza has been a place to gather, glimpse the vibrant daily comings and goings and of course, people watch.

Annually, the Plaza hosts the Indian and Spanish Markets in addition to numerous other events and free concerts during the year. We invite you to walk from Inn of the Governors to the plaza to take in a tour, this rich heritage and indulge in some shopping